For this to work you will need to first "Enable Windows file sharing" which is located in Settings>Network>Servers.

By default, Samba shares /media which is a collection of mounted USB devices.

Adding a manual share to Samba

  1. Enable TelnetD and connect
  2. vi /data/etc/smb.conf
  3. Add the following stanza at the bottom of the file:

path = /
read only = yes
force user = guest
public = yes
comment = Root for exploring.

  1. Save and exit.
  2. /etc/init.d/smbd restart

Samba Behavior

The smbd process runs as root. When you connect to a share a new process is spawned using the user nobody.

Enabling Write Access

Disclaimer: please use at your own risk, changing permissions could stop your box from working!

Write access can be achieved by changing the ownership of a file or folder to nobody. At the same time I would suggest changing the permissions from 755 to 775, while root should always have access, its better to specify it. Also take note of the current ownership and permissions so that you can always revert them back if necessary.

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