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Welcome to This is a place to gather information and resources on tweaks and hacks for the Boxee Box by D-Link.

If you know something, please share it!


Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Join ##boxee-hacking (yes, ##) on to collaborate with us in real time. If you're not IRC-savvy, you can use this link.


We now have forums at at your disposal. Check them out!

Open Boxee Box Bounty

There is a bounty for an open bootloader and eventually XBMC on the Boxee Box. Email moc.liamg|eexobnepo#moc.liamg|eexobnepo to pledge your support. [[The_Unofficial_Boxee_Box_Wiki:Current_events]]

D-Link and Boxee GPL Considerations

It has been asserted that D-Link and Boxee are violating the GPLv3 by not permitting the installation of custom firmware. Details of this assertion are at

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