Firmware Versions


""Release Date:"" May 18, 2011

This was the Sixth release by Boxee for the Boxee Box.


This was the Fifth release by Boxee for the Boxee Box.

""Release Date:"" February 14, 2011

This was the fourth release by Boxee for the Boxee Box. This release brought the much anticipated Netflix app.

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""Release Date:"" January 19, 2011

This was the third firmware released by Boxee for the Boxee Box. It was originally released on January 9, 2011, but after some issues with 1080i display problems, Boxee took the update offline.

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Changes from


Release Date: December 13, 2010

This was the second firmware released by Boxee for the Boxee Box.

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Changes from

  • Previous instructions on obtaining root no longer work
  • Moved CGI scripts to /opt/local/www instead of the .mrwong directory
  • Log files only exist in .mrwong now
  • It appears that filesystems now get mounted with noexec and nosuid options set (this is what breaks the previous root hack)

Release Date: November 25, 2010

This was the first firmware update release by Boxee for the Boxee Box.

You can obtain root on this version of the firmware by following [[Obtaining Root on|these instructions]].

Changes from

  • Added bxwapper.cpp that enables/disables certain external functions among some other things.
  • Remove TelnetD (removed it from the busybox binary)
  • Prevented external command calls from python within a Boxee App.

Release Date: November 10, 2010

This was the original 1.0 version that was immediately upgradeable to when people first got their Boxee Box.

A copy of the ISO is available for download here. Use it with the Obtaining Root instructions to explore the internals.


This was the original version that shipped with the Boxee Box.

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